Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Valentine Season Edition

In honor of the day that celebrates all that is love, I present my archived posts on love, singleness and good-old-fashioned-cheesy-female-romanticism. Enjoy!

first, the crushes...
Ty Pennington (gotta love a man with a tool belt)
Donald Miller (*aside for PDX readers* I am so over this one… seriously… when I finally got to meet the guy last fall, I was speechless… I mean, I had nothing left to say to the guy… yeah, that’s it… OVER IT!)
Geeks (and I use that term with the utmost affection)
Gilmore Girls (what is it with me & the letter G?)

and now, the rest of the story...
Chick Nite! (best part? Ramon's reaction to my use of the term "shagging")
Rachel's 2005 Quiz (…in which I had to answer the questions, “three things you want in a relationship?” and “three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you?”)
What Gender is Your Brain? Quiz (which may explain the whole singleness thing)
How NOT to Get Married (a.k.a. relationship advice from the Pollack Brothers)
Jerusalem's 2007 Quiz (In which I further attempt to scare away the male persuasion)
All the Women, Independent (on mission and marriage)
To Everything a Season (not so much a post on love, but scroll to Katy's lyrics)
Risk (for those who don’t get the connection between the photo & the lyrics, the Glass Man is challenging Amelie to take some risks in love… she says she is thinking about it…)
No Thorns to Distance Me (on sincere love)


the hamster said...

it's like a criterion collection!

Angela said...

i wish that valentine said, "fork over your heart. i'm a gonna eat you up, suga'."