Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~ reverse psychology ~

Well, the “Botox for Beginners” piece is done. Now, it’s a little scary, but mostly upbeat. Now I’m on “What Your Gyno Won’t Tell You” which is also pretty scary, but, you know, upbeat. I finished my research on deadly pedicures, about the woman who contracted that fungus from the unsterilized tools. Yeah. It’s a terrible story. Although, surprisingly… upbeat!
~ Lori, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Driving to work this morning, I had Uncle Tupelo’s Grindstone running through my brain. Undoubtedly brought on by my return to real life (airport delays may suck, but you can log some maximum reading time), I had to chuckle at how upbeat this depressing song is. Naturally, I began thinking through other depressing songs that have the surprising power to put me in a good mood.

This is an audience participation post, where you are supposed to add your own sobering (yet uplifting) songs to the ones I have listed:

Uncle Tupelo: Grindstone
Bread: Dismal Day
Guster: What You Wish For
Everclear: Now That It’s Over
Tracy Bonham: Mother, Mother
Tracy Chapman: Fast Car
Concrete Blonde: Joey
Poe: Trigger Happy Jack
Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence
George Jones: He Stopped Loving Her Today
Beach Boys: I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times
K’s Choice: Not an Addict
4 Non-Blondes: What’s Up?
Liz Phair: Polyester Bride
Van Morrison: Into the Mystic
The Pogues: Fairytale of New York
Jolie Holland: Goodbye California
Wilco: Jesus, etc.
Violent Femmes: I Held Her in My Arms
Ben Folds: Best Imitation of Myself

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Jennie said...

I know I've encountered songs like this, but I'm having trouble coming up with one.