Monday, August 20, 2007

when you're back in your old neighborhood...


ok. so, after
lamenting my inability to wear some of my favorite clothes, I told myself to suck it up and get back on the wagon (occasionally, I do stop talking to myself long enough to listen). I amazed even myself with my discipline and creativity for about a week or so...

fruit and cheese plate (jarlsberg lite... lots-o-flava w/o lots-o-fat)

colorful salad w/ cheese toastettes & rasberry vinaigrette
(yes, I heart cheese)

grilled squash and eggplant w/ Arkansas grown brown basmati rice

frozen grapes and cherries ~ lovely little snacks

God's gift to ice-cream feinds

kashi cereal & what lies beneath

... that is, until I began packing for the world's shortest vacation (which was fabulous despite being short - "tune in to tomorrow's news for this and other up-to-the-minute stories, including your local sports, weather and information"). I quickly reverted to a Damgoode chicken-and-spinach-stuffy-with-pink-sauce, Honey Brown (they were out of Shiner Bock 6-packs and I didn't feel like driving to "big" Kroger) and cookie dough. Hey, a girl needs comfort food when deciding how to fit everything into carry-on luggage!

Today I made sure to get back on track (it feels like Conversation Club with all of these idioms floating around...). I even took the time to whip up a batch of sweet potatoes for dinner:

I should be in stellar shape just in time for turtleneck season!


Anonymous said...

Kimberly - I don't mean to leave the comment here, but don't now how else to respond to you...Shoot me an e-mail at and I'll reply with a text version of the complete "Dance" novel. Thanks!! - sound/fury

Jennie said...

One of my co-workers has recently become obsessed with frozen grapes. I tried one and didn't like it - I guess I'm in the minority! I think it was something about the texture that bothered me?