Sunday, October 23, 2005

~ ain't nothing but a G thang ~

This morning I woke up with the sun shining through my window and Tijuana Lady in my head, so I ventured to the G section of my CD drawer. I was immediately greeted by some of the best, though occasionally forgotten, disks in my collection: Garbage, Debbie Gibson (*SHUT IT*), Gin Blossoms, Go Gos, Gomez (the culprit), Gorillaz, David Gray, Macy Gray, Keith Green, Pat Green, Green Day, Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith, Sara Groves, Guns N' Roses and Guster. (There may quite possibly be other Gs scattered about my room or car)

It hit me how special G is to me. G is a roadtrip longing to happen. G is a lazy Sunday afternoon on the porch with a good book. G is comfort food and a cozy sweater. G is lying on a blanket at a bluegrass festival, with kids dancing and twirling around you. G is french toast and newspaper on the couch with your sweetie.

Quite possibly, G is deserving of its own honored CD drawer. At the very least, G deserves an honored position next to frequently perused W... though those two letters together scare the living crap out of me! So I challenge everyone to celebrate G in your own way today. And if you don't have a G, I'll be happy to loan you one of mine - there's enough love to go around.

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Ramonsito said...

Superb post.