Friday, June 27, 2008

~ adornment ~

Exactly a year ago today (which I did not realize when I started "researching" this post... freaky!), I lamented the cost of Eileen Fisher clothing, which I am quite fond of - basic pieces you can mix, match and layer together with ease.

After much fruitless searching, I believe I have found my more reasonable alternative. It's not quite as budget-friendly as finding random linen wardrobe pieces at Savers (with the proper colored sale tag), but it is about a quarter of the price (or less) than Eileen.

Sure, Shukr is designed for followers of the Islamic faith, but I would so wear these to work!


jeanetta said...

those are so cute.
are you coming tonight?

Kimberly said...

Yes ma'am... with bells on!

Jennie said...

That IS creepy that it was exactly one year ago!!!

Angela said...

oh look. anorexic models come in the white-haired version, too!

Angelika said...

i'm still trying to find a place for you were you can get the "turkish coats" :)