Wednesday, June 27, 2007

damn you eileen fisher...

generally, i would not blink at my inability to purchase something pretty, shiny and overpriced (with the exception of maybe, say, sephora’s bath and body section). although i love to gawk at ann taylor and banana republic, i’ve learned overtime just to avoid the mall as much as possible. especially urban outfitters… that place could be the death of me. but there are times, namely when i am spending time with my mother, when i venture out of the safety and comfort of yard sales and saver’s into the wilds of dillard’s department store. or maybe i’m curled up at home, innocently flipping through my latest copy of real simple magazine. and there they are, beckoning me… luring me with their seductive gaze.

eileen fisher creates perfect clothes. in a world where clothes must be worn, these are the coverings we should all strive for. simple. comfortable. natural. interchangeable. seasonless. beautiful. understated. flattering, feminine and fun. damn expensive.

ok, it’s that expensive part that gets me. why is there not an affordable version of her style? why have i yet to take the time to learn to sew? $60-$140 for a tank top?! $42 for a white cotton t-shirt (versus old navy’s $10 perfect fit tees)?! and that’s just the basics.

i know that inner beauty is free and we’re not supposed to concern ourselves with outer adornment, but it still sucks that the clothes that would most accentuate a woman’s natural beauty are so far out of any normal woman’s price range.

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