Tuesday, June 26, 2007

hitch up the wagons...

we're heading northwest!

and it's probably best to
travel light.

national rainbow gathering is in arkansas this year, and we want to join in the celebration! i even spoke to guy and donna about it last week, and guy's eyes lit up as he began to recall previous gatherings he had been a part of... so i think they're going to join us! being a corporate sell-out, i won't get to join in the entire celebration, but i will definately be making it up to fallsville for the fourth of july prayer for peace. we're thinking leave early tuesday afternoon, hike in, stay tuesday and wednesday nights and head back home thursday afternoon. if you're the free sort ~ you could head up now, as people are already gathering! see y'all there!

1 comment:

methy said...

I'm coming!!! I am SO STOKED about it as well. Tents and hippies. What more can a girl ask for?