Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's Your Story? #2

(when I get home, can someone explain to me why on a Mac the only editing options I have in Blogger is spell check & add image? I can't click over to html view, and I can't edit text size, style, etc.)

So, I don't have the What's Your Story book with me (strange... since I'm not what one would call a "lite packer") but I thought I would throw out a question of sorts anyway.

The concept of people (read: me, you, us) bringing up an issue and then reciting the infamous line "Somebody should do something about (insert issue/creative vision/passion)." The idea being, that maybe that "Somebody" is the same person who has been given the burden. This appeared both in our Bible Study this morning and in tonight's Plenary Session.

What's Your Story? What is something you've thought "Somebody ought to do something about..."? Even if you do not feel equipped (spiritually, financially, educationally, emotionally - whatever) to move forward with it right now, CAST YOUR VISION. What creative vision has God given you to address an issue in our society? SHARE! Maybe we can come along side you to encourage you, to champion that vision, to tweek it, to undergird it, to network it... to help it become reality!


rudy said...

regarding your mac question, are you using Safari? if so, try Firefox - then you might be able to see all the blogger editing options

fiona d said...

rudy beat me to it - I find exactly the same with Wordpress on my mac - no HTML editing in Safari but in Firefox all the features work fine.

your favorite austrian said...

okay - i jsut wanted to tell you the same thing - download firefox and you can edit away (see - since we have mac at work i'm an expert ;) )

Kimberly said...

thanx all ~ but I am back home now and no longer have to deal w/ the Mac (yeah!)... I'll repost