Tuesday, October 09, 2007

what's the world got in store?

So I'm a bit out of sorts. I'm currently working on a Mac at my cousin's house, and even Blogger seems to be different. It's a bit like trying to blog with my hands tied, but I'm doing my best. I barely returned from the LeadNow/Fusion conference before it was time to head to St. Louis for the CCDA conference. While my writing may be sparse, trust that I am soaking up lots of ideas to talk about (and act upon). To give you an idea of what awaits me this week, I found a video from last year's panel discussion. Just listening to the discussion gets me soooo excited for the days ahead!

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IndyChristian said...

Enjoyed seeing your blog post re CCDA. We're tagging the ones we find, to make it easy for folks to connect.