Saturday, February 02, 2013

Love is patient, love is kind…

February 1st kinda snuck up on me. I had wanted to come up with some gimmick for Valentines this year, some creative way of posting through the days leading up to the holiday (yes, I celebrate the day many loathe as if it were a full season). Yesterday I started thinking about 1 Corinthians 13, and last night I tried to scramble to get it started.

Love is patient…
I started digging for what I wanted to share. A quote. A song. An image. I had already grabbed several books of the shelves and was combing through them for the perfect pretty turn of phrase, when it hit me.

Slow down!
Love is patient…

Love will still be love tomorrow. Love doesn’t need to be whipped up & served on whim.
Love is patient, love is kind…

And it’s ok to be patient with myself, to be kind to myself, to step away from silly manufactured emergencies in which it is monumentally imperative I POST SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!
We don’t have to write down the days.

We don’t have to capture every thought in a jar so we can stare at it when we want.
We just have to live them.

To love in them.
To be in them.

To be patient enough to see the wonder and the magic and the joy in extraordinarily ordinary days, and to savor those moments.
Documentation be damned.

This morning I woke up and headed to a Centering Prayer workshop with a friend. Centering prayer is all about being present – not doing, not even listening or discerning, simply being. It’s a patience that believes you don’t have to figure everything out right now, you don’t have to be in control. It’s a kindness that believes it’s ok for you to rest, to abide, to do absolutely nothing but BE.
Love is patient.

Love is kind.
Go and do likewise.

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