Sunday, February 03, 2013

Love Does Not Envy…

…or, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

It’s easy to get around folks who inspire you & start with the “what ifs.”
What if this had happened?
What if that hadn’t happened?
What if I were more? What if I were less?
What if I had chosen this-or-that?

Fact is, we are who we are.
Our choices have been made.
Our pasts are… well, past.
Envy changes nothing.

If something catches our eye, pulls at our heart strings, sounds a siren call – we do nothing to pursue it by looking behind. We do nothing to pursue it by asking “what ifs.”
We can only move toward a better version of ourselves.
We can’t change who we’ve been.
We can’t become a clone of someone else.

Love chooses to love ourselves, just as we are, and to extend that same courtesy to others. All the while, love also listens to who it is we long to become, within our own skin, and encourages us to press forward.

Love doesn’t live in wish dreams.

Love awakens us to the beauty of reality and tangible possibility.
Love awakens.

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