Friday, January 18, 2013

EC13 Reflections: Prologue

Just over four years ago, I sat with friends on a hard wooden pew in the front right corner of St. Mary’s Cathedral and listened to Phyllis Tickle verbally and visually unfold the pages of her new book, The Great Emergence, through story and storyboards. I was drawn into her ability to seamlessly weave dates and events together in a lengthy timeline that painted a broad picture of the movements of Christianity.

A week ago, I sat with friends on that same hard wooden pew in the same corner of the cathedral listening to the same woman share her experiences and highlight her newest book, EmergenceChristianity.

There are several things I want to reflect on in regards to Emergence Christianity: A National Gathering, which took place a week ago in Memphis, TN. I can be slow to process my thoughts, and want to be careful that I communicate my experience in a way that adds life (or at least perspective) to the wider emergent conversation, so these posts may unfold over a lengthy period. That’s ok, I’m committed to notwalking (or writing) in anxiousness. I am hoping to complete & post the one that is heaviest on my heart this weekend.

In the meantime, I have enjoyed fruitful conversations wrestling with folks from different perspectives, as we work to get to the heart of our hopes and our frustrations. I have enjoyed reading the words of others, what they took away, what they’re wrestling with. I have enjoyed looking back on my reflections from previous gatherings. I have enjoyed looking ahead at what possibilities exist on a more local level.

All that to say, I hope y’all stick around. I hope you add your voice. I hope you ask me some tough questions and challenge me to think beyond my own launching point. And if you get tired of these discussions, wander on over to Y’all Settle Down & browse around some of the spiritual practices posts (Who knows? Maybe I’ll get around to tidying up over there, as well.).

Be sure to give a listen to these other voices:

Julie Clawson – here & here

C. Eric Funston – here, here & here (and possibly others I missed)

Adam Walker Cleaveland – here & here

(I’m quite certain I’ve missed some posts, so please feel free to add to my list via the comments section below.)


Natalie Aho said...

We have been sharing posts about the Emergence Christianity event from the perspective of Baptists at -
Emergence Christianity, Baptist life, and Flannery O’Connor;
CBF and the emergence Christianity movement;
Am I Emergent-Baptist?; and
No Final Judgments – One Southern Baptist and Emergence Christianity.
We expect a few more this week as well.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the additions, Natalie!