Monday, December 07, 2009

~ advent ~

Burt and Elvis in the Red Room
my daughter's dancing in the next one
there's a poem in every turn

there's a baby in our bedroom
and he's crying like a small bird
I am praying he will sleep soon

Oh, am I not tired?

there's another world in this one
and it's spinning like my dancer
something tells me that this is so

and I can feel the turning
like every woman waiting
for the life inside of her

we cry, "oh, are we not tired?”

now the bathroom is a temple
for existential mothers
crying when no words will come

on floors across the big world
they are knelt upon by grown girls
wondering if they've done enough

And they cry,
"Love, when are you coming?"

~ Sarah Masen, Burt and Elvis
(from the album Women's Work is Alchemy)

(image attribution)

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