Friday, October 31, 2008

damn, girl...

Plan to Marry, Lucinda Williams - from the new album Little Honey
When leaders can't be trusted
Heroes have let us down
And innocence lies rusted
And frozen beneath the ground

When the destitute and isolated
Have all been forgotten
And the fruit trees we planted
Are withered and rotten

The abused and magnificient
Suffer from infection
And promises are given
But never with intention

War becomes commonplace
Secrets overheard
Violence big business
And love is just a word

Why do we marry
Why do we fall in love
Keep on believing in love
Because love, love is a mighty sword
Love is our weapon
Love is the lesson
And we, we are the conquerors
We are the soldiers
We are the lovers
That's why we fall in love
That's why we believe in love
And that's why we marry

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Rebekah said...

Good lyrics.
When we got married, my ex-husband had the phrase "omni vincit amor" (love conquers all) engraved on the inside of my wedding band. I kept the band after our divorce & had other stones set in it to wear as a reminder that even when people fail us, even in the worst of ways, LOVE still conquers all - including their failures, my failures and the aftermath.