Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Phase One: Collect Underpants

As I heard the faint sounds of music emerging from my alarm clock this morning, a little voice told me I did not want to wake up… not yet… lets just snooze a little longer.

Bad idea.

I ended up falling back asleep… deep asleep… short freaky dream asleep… man-on-roller-skates-walking-scarry-dog-chasing-me-running-into-relatives-looking-at-me-crazy-riding-with-insane-driver-getting-lost-careening-off-cliff-before-jolting-awake dream asleep.

So, driving to work, late and a bit disheveled, I began contemplating what it is that makes us anxious… which made me think of poor little Tweek, which of course made me think of the Underpants Gnomes. If you’re not familiar with South Park (or just don't care to be familiar with such a show), the previous links should bring you up to speed enough to follow along with this little story. Or, don’t click the links at all and I will get to my point soon enough.

The Underpants Gnomes have a pretty basic business plan:
Phase one: collect underpants
Phase three: PROFIT!

The problem, you see, is the ever elusive “phase two”. The Underpants Gnomes know their gifting (collecting underpants), and they know their mission (profit), but it is the day-to-day fleshing out they seem to have difficulty grasping.

In follow-up posts I will look at some “phase two” options: living as if there is no tomorrow and living for today. Often these terms are seen as interchangeable concepts, spurring us on to Carpe diem! and encouraging us to make the most of what our lives have to offer. However, each involves a vastly different outlook that affects our state of mind and our ability to walk in a way worthy of our calling, a way that calls others to live out the Kingdom of God.

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