Thursday, July 10, 2008

in church, as it is in marriage...

Angela is at it again... writing some of the hands down greatest stuff a girl can read. Here's a snipet:
So in the end, there can only be no end, only forgiveness for the loss of a future as planned. Because really, there are no new beginnings, only becomings: adaptations and evolutions into different ways of loving.
Now, go read the rest of the story!

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Angela said...

awwww, thanks, kimberly. that was nice of you.

Amber said...

Okay, really, since I stumbled into your blog, Kim, and started clicking in your bloglines, I have become a huge fan of Angela. Thank you so much for pointing to that publication.

Angela, you're for real.

Susan Isaacs said...

Oh horrible and wonderful and heartbreaking, that post. I read it all and I'm fighting the tears. I'm married two years come August. And we are still madly in love. And when not madly in love, loving through those disappointments. Few though they are. I think complacency would do us in. But I fought the tears reading that post. And I'll fight against complacency and the little foxes that spoil the grapes. As Aragorn said, war is upon you whether you like it or not. Well Tolkein wrote it down more eloquently. Must. Fight. Against. Ingratitude.