Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Calling All Writers!

Jesus Manifesto is sponsoring a writing competition focusing on the theme of Pentecost: How can Pentecost provoke our imagination for the 21st Century?

Jesus Manifesto imagines what it means to live out the Kingdom of God in our world, explores practical attempts to live out the love and hope of Christ, and challenges people to creatively consider what being the body of Christ can look like in our culture.

I get excited about the season of Pentecost. Oh heck, I get excited about the rhythm of the entire Christian calendar, contrived as it may be! My first instinct was to ramble on here about all of the history and symbolism and emphases of Pentecost, but then I realized that's half the fun! So, I challenge you to go and read up on Pentecost, to swim around in the themes, to meditate on the scriptures. And then I challenge you to write about - in your own voice, in this time and space - what the Spirit teaches you through your explorations. I'll be working on my own observations (though, I can't submit 'cause I'm a judge), and I look forward to reading your words.

Holy Spirit, come
Holy Spirit, dwell
Fill Your church with joy overflowing
And peace overflowing
And love overflowing
In all of Your glory come

~ Kate Miner


The Butcher said...

What a great idea.

Celulite said...

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Angela said...

dear celulite,

on behalf of kimberly i would like to say, "mess off, dumb ass."



Kimberly said...

Thanks, sista... that guy is following me EVERYWHERE! I can't get rid of him!