Friday, November 23, 2007

comedy or tragedy?

I am sending myself to Bismarck and putting myself under house arrest at the lake house to type like crazy. No access to internet. No errands to run, rooms to rearrange or laundry to wash. Just me in my pajamas for three days, alternating from couch to table to back deck. I just passed 26,000 words (it has been a very quiet day at the office), which means I have almost 24,000 words to write by the 30th. I figure If I can make it to 30,000 tonight, and then get at least another 5,000 each tomorrow and Sunday, then I would only need to type 2,000 a day next week in order to complete NaNoWriMo. Of course, I would like to pass 40,000 this weekend, rather than leaving too many words to be completed on the last day. I am a little overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with 15,000 words in one weekend, but I'm trying to remind myself what an accomplishment this will be (recall, I never completed my Master's Paper or my undergraduate Honors Thesis). Fresh air, minimal distractions and caffeine... I WILL DO THIS!


Ramón said...

You're my hero, Kimberly. You can do it!!!

Bonnie said...

good luck writing!!