Friday, August 24, 2007

save the earth ~ listen to folk music

Driving back across the bridge from lunch today, I noted off toward the river preparations for tonight’s arena concert. In addition to the virtual fleet of semi-trucks, splattered with the logos of both bands, there were at least six neatly aligned luxury tour buses. Bearded men, who could nary afford sleeves for their t-shirts, lumbered under massive amounts of bulky equipment. The parking lot had been transformed into a human-sized ant colony.

By comparison, the ramblin’ folk artist requires only his guitar and whatever he can fit in his pack. Easily transportable by Greyhound or truck bed, the folk singer is equally comfortable traveling by foot. In fact, aimlessly wandering the highways and byways only serves to enhance their image. Cigarettes are cheaper than diesel fuel, and the boot is kinder to the road than tire tread. Here’s to you, Woody Guthrie.

It's a long and dusty road
And it's a hot and a heavy load
The folks I meet ain't always kind
Some are bad and some are good
Some have done the best they could
Some have tried to ease my troublin' mind
And I can't help but wonder
Where I'm bound, where I'm bound
Can't help but wonder where I'm bound
~ Tom Paxton

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