Saturday, June 23, 2007

~ soundtrack for a saturday ~

oh, i'll settle down with some old story
about a boy who's just like me
thought there was love in everything and everyone, you're so naive!
after a while they always get it
they always reach a sorry end
still it was worth it as
i turned the pages solemnly
and then, with a winning smile,
the boy with naivety succeeds
at the final moment i cried
i always cry at endings
~ belle and sebastian

for those of you who are just dying to know how i spend my time when not strapped to a computer... have i got a treat for you! rain + laziness = quite possibly the most ridiculous excuse for a blog post to date. soundtrack for the morning: Ani Difranco - Puddle Dive, Wilco - Summerteeth, Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister, Vigilantes of Love - Summershine, Neil Diamond - Classics.
i woke up startled at 6:55am, alarmed I was going to be late to work, trying desperately to remember what clothes were clean and least in need of ironing. then, cue joy, i remembered it was saturday. adrenaline in full flow, i got out of bed, showered, found some clothes that were semi-clean and not-so-much in need of ironing, and stumbled out the door for a morning hunt. i was well rewarded for my efforts, if i do say so myself.

if you are one of those strange people who aren't into yard sales or, better yet, estate sales (tag sales for our midwest neighbors), this may look like crap. and you're right. but, as Jerusalem suggested, "save the planet, buy old stuff!" i did my part for the environment by salvaging a pink-and-green map of paris circa 1977, an absolutely fabulous wooden carving of a lady playing a flute (which is both a bank and a pin cushion - genius!), a black-and-white photo of a band from someone's wedding reception (according to the other pictures in the box), a vintage embroidered travel sewing kit with little paper spools inside, some gaudy green beads and a big flower broach, and a quilted golf bag in my signature spring green color. it was a good morning. my roommate cooked lunch, which is why everyone should have roommates, and now i am contemplating whether to finish the necklace i am supposed to be remodeling for my sister, or read a book and take a nap. i'm voting on the nap, though the sooner i finish her necklace, the sooner i get to start on my own.


Jerusalem said...

oh it looks like you did good today! I hit a few myself north of the river and did ok. Not the best haul ever, but not the worst either. I am really jealous of the Paris map though of course.

your beloved austrian said...

i´like the bag ... reminds me of one i had to make in high school once ... oh - and beware, i found my password again so the blogging should start soon again!