Friday, June 22, 2007

God's Politics: The Movie

Faith, Family Values, Environmentalism, Politics... Jim Wallis should be proud of Evan Almighty.

We laughed a lot & still managed to make it through the entire movie (while drinking our $20 sodas) without excusing ourselves to the restroom, thanks to the runtime of 95 minutes. While it was certainly neither a cinematic nor a philosophical masterpiece, a good time was had by all.

Unlike real life, the flooding caused by the levee breaking in this instance destroys only hummers and mcmansions and actually managed to get the attention of Washington pretty quickly (mostly because it was suburbia that was affected). The general idea seems to be that God is presenting us all with opportunities to allow Him to change the world through us in little ways, and we can choose to look after our own comforts or we can take advantage of the opportunities He is giving us (though, in Evan's case, it really wasn't much of a choice).

It actually kind-of reminded me of my own trip to D.C. last summer...

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