Thursday, June 07, 2007

some people drink warm milk...

i prefer to play around on the internet until i fall asleep.

A history of pop icons: drop dead bohemians
Hailing from the basements of little rock, drop dead bohemians broke into the pop scene in 1994 with their debut album, barefoot in the glass. The band's latest album, one flew cuckoo, blends anna belle's syrupy melodies with straightforward guitar work to concoct an effort bursting at the seams with sugar-coated ditties. With standout tracks like "yeah, right," already certified platinum in Europe, drop dead bohemians can count on loads of future success.

...and to all a good night.


* said...

A history of modern global icons:
the obliterates

Emerging from the barrios of North Little Rock, the obliterates broke into the modern global scene in 2000 with their debut album, Getting Eve In. The band's latest album, Gopher Broke, weaves Emmit Fitzhume's aboriginal melodies with a visceral 7 piece sitar section to generate undeniable rave-ups. With standout tracks like "Are You Gonna Eat That," the music of the obliterates appeals to modern global fans and non-modern global fans alike.

methy said...

This is fantastic!

A history of modern global icons: Pop Goes the Weasel

Originally from the deserts of Jackville, ND, Pop Goes the Weasel climbed to the top of the modern global scene in 1992 with their debut album, Anything and Everything. The band's latest album, By George I Think He's Got It, fuses Benton's shimmering vocals with an expressive 7 piece sitar section to create body-moving jams with cross-over appeal. With standout tracks like "Tell Me Like It Is," don't be surprised if you find Pop Goes the Weasel at the top of the modern global charts and beyond.