Wednesday, December 22, 2004

all is calm...

Heaven’s Got a Baby
~ Sarah Masen/OC Supertones (depending on what mood you’re in)

Bringing all our best gifts
Fixing up the makeshift
We’re all getting ready for the King
The angels in the backroom
Memorize a new tune
They practice allelujah in harmony
Peasants in the market
They’re working out resentments
As the angels take their cue and hit the lights
We all started dancing
Throwing all our chances
On mystery, forgiveness and a child
Heaven’s got a baby
Down in Bethlehem

Dowtown Little Rock is quite beautiful when it snows. I am the lone ranger in the office right now: playing with a metal slinky, listening to the Happy Christmas CDs, and watching the snow blanket our little city. My car is sufficiently covered in powder by this point, as is the Old State House, the Peabody Hotel, and the Capital Hotel (which will be my home for the evening). Beyond that, I can’t see much as the falling snow creates a type of fog around the building. I did notice a small boat on the river about an hour ago, which I found quite odd. A couple was walking down the sidewalk, and he had her wrapped inside his jacket… poor guy, lucky girl. There’s a flag that is wrapped so tightly around its pole that it resembles one of those party toys that you flick your wrist and it uncoils and then retracts back (and if anyone can remember the name of that toy, I’ll buy you a coffee… I’ve asked the last five callers and none of us can recall). Anywho, I’m going to go over to the hotel sometime after 5:00pm, curl up in a comfy robe, pamper myself with sample products that were placed in our office bathroom by someone who wants us to purchase large quantities, order room service, and watch reruns of Lost (to pick out all of the stuff I missed in the first go-round). Good times. I guess the wrapping of my Christmas gifts will have to wait just a little bit longer. Auf Wiederschauen!


Angelika said...

So, it's snowing in Little Rock but not in Austria! That's just plain not fair! :o) I really enjoyed your "Auf Wiederschauen" ~ it made me prud of you, using such an Austrian expression!

Angelika said...

me again ~ I just checked the weather: low of 13° on Friday! I feel really sorry for all of you! That's even colder than where I am right now!