Friday, November 12, 2004

this explains so much...

growing up, my mom always made us listen to country music in the car. my sister and i would complain, but of course I sang along just the same (imagine that!). aside from the obvious songs such as Elvira (Oak Ridge Boys) and Swingin' (John Anderson), along with anything by Dolly, Kenny, or Alabama, i had some undeniable favorites. no wonder i'm weird ~ these are definately not children's songs, but ahh the sweet memories...

~ Baby's Got Her Bluejeans On (Mel McDaniel)
~ Jose Cuervo (Shelly West)
~ I'm Going to Hire a Wino (David Frizzel)
~ Nobody (Sylvia)
~ Seven Year Ache (Roseanne Cash)
~ You Can Eat Crackers in My Bed (Barbara Mandrell)
~ Driving My Life Away (Eddie Rabbit)
~ When Will I Be Loved (Linda Ronstadt)
~ Playing With the Queen of Hearts (Juice Newton)
~ Somebody's Knockin' (Terri Gibbs)

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