Wednesday, November 17, 2004

~ she is always happy ~

I ventured down to the Rivermarket with a coworker for lunch ~ Little Rock is so happening this week with the Clinton Center opening. We went to Sticky Fingerz (luckily just beating the lunch crowds) to eat, people watch, and pick up tickets for tonight’s concert. I love the lyric room at Sticky Fingerz ~ I want to have a home like that one day (It will be nicely accented by my two sets of China…). We saw lots of people we knew, but no celebrities (we did see James Carville ~ does he count?). Wandering back to the office, we decided to detour into the Rivermarket pavilion, and I figured Joella had to have a booth in there somewhere. I found the Open Arms Studios booth, and went over to say hi, when what to my wandering eyes should appear? My newest prized possession! Most of you have probably seen me wear the necklace with the picture of the kids jumping off a cliff and the family/love writing on the back (at least those of you who actually see me on a regular basis). That is one of Joella’s creations. Now I have a new pretty ~ this one is longer and surrounded with a funky silver casing. The front picture is a pencil drawing of a woman with long dark hair and the words “she is always”. The back is a cut out from some kind of dictionary page with a definition of the happy: 1. favored by hap or fortune 2. enjoying good of any kind; satisfied 3. prosperous; blessed 4. furnishing enjoyment 5. propitious; favorable. I said I had to have it and she agreed. I have great admiration for such talented and creative people ~ big shout outs to Gretchen, Rachel, Ramon, Josh, Tyfnae, Betty, Angel (and all of those whose creative gifts I may not have been exposed to yet)… may the Lord continue to bless your gifts.

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Angelika said...

Girl, I can't wait to see your newest prized possession ~ i love your other necklace, you know!
So you didn't see anybody? No pics for me? How sad ~ well, i jsut saw Barabra Streisand and Kevin Spacey and Geralod Riviera ... on TV ;-)