Tuesday, October 26, 2004

use your grey matter...

Always weary of stepping into the political relm, I couldn't resist this post. I have friends who are both Republican and Democrat (and various other viable yet undervalued choices). Most of the people I associate with are wise enough to consider their candidates carefully, based on their personal values and the candidate's stand on issues. However, there are many many people in our country who insist on voting for a candidate because they see him as the "Christian" choice ~ their judgement on who to vote for is spoon fed to them and they partake willingly, without hesitation. I've met these people, I know some of these people, I've received emails from some of these people. I WANT THESE PEOPLE TO OPEN THEIR EARS AND USE THEIR GOD GIVEN BRAINS. I am not attempting to tell anyone through this post who to vote for (since I am not a fan of either major candidate) ~ what I do want to convey is that we need to be using sound judgement rather than an assumption that one candidate is the Christian choice.
All of that is simply an introduction to the following. This morning, while getting ready for work, I was listening to Good Morning America when Charles Gibson was interviewing the President & First Lady. I heard some things I agreed with and some things that made me shake my head ~ but what made me stop in my tracks was the following question and answer (I couldn't find a transcript online, so this is to the best of my recollection). "Do you believe that Christians, Non-Christians and Muslims all go to Heaven?" asked Charles Gibson. To which President Bush responded, "Yes, but I believe that they have different ways of getting there." Excuse me? Did I just hear that? So there's really no point in being a Christian b/c everyone is going to Heaven anyway? And there must not be a Hell, seeing as everyone is going to Heaven. The Christian candidate? I'm not judging the man's relationship with Christ, but this is an issue of fundamental doctrinal beliefs. The same churches that rail against this type of theology from their pulpits are convincing their worshippers that this is the only Candidate that the Church can endorse. Wake up and use your minds to make your choice ~ God gave them to you for a reason.


saywhat said...

Hmm...I'm surprised by that answer. And I'm also curious as to what John Kerry's response to that question would be.

"Yes, Charlie...you see, it's a complex issue. They will go to heaven, but as a Catholic I believe that they won't, but I can't impress my beliefs on anyone else so I am willing to say that they will. But my Catholicism informs my entire life, so, sorry, turn or burn. But I would also like to add that I look forward to seeing everyone in heaven, b/c I can't enforce my own personal beliefs. And I would like to close by saying that I am the candidate to get you there. President Bush has proven in the past four years that he can't get ANYONE into heaven. I'm John Kerry and I believe it's time to change that. Please give ME, John Kerry, the opportunity to get YOU into heaven. Thank you."

Okay. Ah-hem. When thinking of this race in the past couple days, for some reason I am reminded of a scene from "That Thing You Do".

It's near the end of the movie, and all the band mates are fighting about which direction the band should take. The lead singer says, "I guess I'm just alone in my principles," and storms off. Then one of the other guys says, "There he goes, off to write his hit song Alone In My Principles."

Instead of asking ourselves, is this candidate perfectly exactly what I want?...it may be wiser to ask, is this campaign relevant? (thanks to my friend Brandon for that thought, by the way)

RDA '04

Kimberly said...

... and the Oscar goes to Rachel for her genuine and moving performance as presidential candidate John Kerry ~ critics agree, she was able to capture the unique essence of this complex character.

I think I would be weeping over my choices of candidates, if I didn't agree with your friend that this political crap is so trivial in the grand scheme of God's picture (why did we have to choose Kings over wise judges, anyway?! bring back Deborah!!!). So, do you think I can write in RDA for Prez?

saywhat said...

Totally. I'm highly qualified. I watch re-runs of The West Wing at least twice a week.

And I promise, as your President, to NEVER tell you what you want to hear. Even if it may be what I really want to say. I just won't say it. For too long we have had people tell us what we want to hear, and I am willing to always, without relenting, tell you what you DON'T want to hear.

RDA '04

Rob McBryde said...

Rachel D. Alford for President!!!! Hip hip hooray!! Hip hip hooray!!!

You've got my vote, girl!

methy said...

Preach it Senior...

Angelika said...

Friends, I am so happy I do not have to vote! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hip hop hooray...ho...hey...ho! RDA for the USA!

It's interesting that Charlie chose to separate non-Christians and Muslims...what's the deal with that?

I believe that the candidates that come up for election every four years--the ones that spend 4 billion dollars to say what we want to hear--they are a true reflection of American society at large. What that means for us, as the church, is that we 've got some serious work to do in influencing the heart of society. From the inside out was how Christianity became a major ethical and social force in Roman society (before Constantine). Dare we dream for the same impact?