Saturday, October 23, 2004

fill 'er up

I nominate the following song for our country worship service:

Townes Van Zandt ~ Two Hands
I got two hands
I wanna clap my hands together
I got two legs
I wanna dance to heavens door
I got one heart
I'm gonna fill it up with up Jesus
and I ain't gonna think about trouble anymore
Well now, this old world sometimes it does get lonesome
and it's many a grown man has hung his head and cried
down in your soul there's one that won't desert you
ain't it fine to have the Saviour by your side
Now the Lord resides inside a house of golden
and faith is the door and love is the key
and warm is the light pouring from his mighty windows
and that light, my friend, it shines on you and me
When the wind blows on that faithful morning
and I close my eyes, Lord, and fly my body home
I don't want my friends to cry no tears about me
I'll be batheing in the glory of the throne


crs said...

when you say meredith, are you referring to a girl formerly known as meredith worell? if so pass on my email to her. if not, disregard this comment.

saywhat said...

Do you have a recording thereof? I'd love to hear it.

Kimberly said...

I actually don't have a recording of it on either of my cd's... but I would be willing to purchase one if it would help the cause...

saywhat said...

Would you purchase it anyway? If so, go for it. :)

I heard Ben Harper's newest CD at Barnes and Noble the other's a collaboration with The Blind Boys of Alabama (think O Brother Where Art Thou), and it is won-der-ful. All the songs have religious themes. I may get this one pretty soon as well.