Saturday, December 31, 2011

~ soundtrack for a new year ~

I would kick things off with the songs that began my Advent season over at Y'all Settle Down (or, as I referred to them on Facebook, my "Life is Shit, Yet We Survive" EP).

Once I got that out of my system (or, at least good and settled in to my soul) I would transition with a bit of naked hope via the lovely Sarah Masen:

Hope (LP Version)

And then I would dive head first into songs about living life to the fullest and daring to take chances, be vulnerable and risk:

May as well kick it off with some cheesy pop (don't judge...),
"Live your life with arms wide open."

Toss in a motivational classic,
"If you want to sing out, sing out!"

And a reminder to live in the now.
"Don't hide your eyes, it's time."

Be reminded whose life you're living,
"This is your life, and today is all you've got now, and today is all you'll ever have."

And shout it out for emphasis.
"I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive."

Raise a little hell in the midst of it all,
"Might be laughing a bit too loud, but that never hurt no one."

And reaffirm your faith in humanity.
"Give in to love or live in fear."

Never underestimate your potential,
"Do you want to come out and play the game? It's never too late."

And open yourself to all of life's possibilities.
"I do not want to be a rose, I do not wish to be pale pink, but flower scarlet, flower gold and have no thorns to distance me."

And in the air the questions hang,
Will we get to do something?
Who we gonna end up being?
How we gonna end up feeling?
What you gonna spend your free life on?

Happy New Year, Y'all!

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Travis Mamone said...

That Cat Stevens song always makes me think of "Harold and Maud."