Monday, October 31, 2011

And you are...?

Last night I had the privilege of wrapping up the Little Miss Sunshine series at Eikon church. I thought I would go ahead and post the poem I opened with on here, though it may not make sense if you haven't seen the movie... or if you're not familiar with Mark Driscoll.

(I feel I should pause here and say the morning sermon at R Street Community Church did at least make me second guess reciting a poem about Driscoll, but I went with it anyway. Lord, have mercy.)

Who do you think you are?
A poem for Little Miss Sunshine, and Mark Driscoll

Hates you.

God. Hates. You.

Some of you…

At least, that’s what I heard this preacher say

Not to me directly… on the internet

Just set out there for all the world to see

To hear

To taste:

God hates you.

On a video

Received by ears

Attached to hearts

He has never listened to

Yet he is looking them

In the virtual eye

To let them know:

God hates you.

Not to me directly

But I receive it just the same

You see,

They say in this world

There are winners

And there are losers

There are chosen

And there are damned

There are those who matter

And there are those who just don’t

It’s not enough

That we gather at the table together

Independent lives huddled

Around a bucket of chicken

I hate everyone

Pass the salad

It’s not enough

That we gather at the table together

And stare at our plates

And cringe

At everyone else’s

Obvious quirks

Let’s get out of here!

Let’s squeeze our odd little lives

Into a rundown van

And hit the road together

Let’s laugh with each other

Let’s get annoyed with each other

Let’s embarrass one another

Let’s set off on a journey toward winning

And let’s be utterly surprised by what winning actually looks like

Because our teacher

Is awfully good

At turning expectations on their heads

Let’s let each other be who we are

And when one of us jumps on the stage

And dances to drums others may not hear

Let’s not hang our heads in disappointment

Let’s join them on that stage

And dance that wild dance of communion

With ourselves, just as we are

Let’s invite others to the stage

Let’s not fret about what came before

What lies ahead

What others must be thinking


Are the light

Of the world

God loves you.

GOD loves you.

God LOVES you.

God loves YOU.

So dance up on that hill

Shake what your mama gave ya

Let your little light shine

Let the eternal fire of the spirit

Consume your life

And glow and spread and engulf

Everyone you touch

Your light

Doesn’t have to look like mine

It just needs to be





By those within your reach

Your reach

Doesn’t have to look like mine

It just needs to be

Outside of yourself

Because we are loved

I am loved

You. Are. Loved.

And we are called

To love one another

Just as God loves us

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TimMark said...

Did you write this? I enjoyed it. And, the one below it.