Thursday, June 02, 2011

Who told you you were naked?

Between Rebecca St. James’ comments in reference to the Slut Walk, that women are “asking for sex if they’re dressed immodestly” (which generated considerable weighty discussion at the 701 Club) and a godawful article recently linked to by my wise and beautiful friend Rebekah Berndt, I felt it necessary to devise a chart that would clarify the rules of holy dressing for those who are perhaps unfamiliar with the evangelical subculture or with the particular burdens carried by females therein. May it be noted that this is merely a first draft, as flow charts are not one of my skill strengths. In a more detailed version, I would like to include more specific questions, such as:

Do your shorts have pockets?

How long is the inseam?

How far is the cuff above your knee?

Where does your skirt hem fall?

Are sleeveless shirts appropriate?

How about tank tops?

How wide are the straps?

When swimming, will a one piece suit suffice, or should it be covered by both/either a t-shirt and/or shorts?

Which brings us back to the shorts questions…


Anonymous said...

If Rebecca St. James could actually sing, maybe she wouldn't spend so much time scaring girl into keeping their legs shut.

Kimberly said...

I just noticed several errors in my flow chart... oh well, back to the drawing board!

Jennifer said...

I like your flow chart, but I don't think you should let married women off the hook so easily! ;)

I can't believe Rebecca St. James said that. I thought comments like that went out after people saw the 80s movie "The Accused."

The article in question perplexed me greatly. I know I dress modestly, so I thought I was free of judgment. Now I have to worry about people at church thinking I dishonor God because I'm too frumpy, baggy, shapely, etc? Is there a uniform?

I kid...