Monday, August 31, 2009

calling all cars...

Tomorrow is September 1, and I need your assistance.

This weekend, in addition to finally getting the writing desk cleared off and the beading station organized, I will be compiling the music mix that will accompany me through autumn.

I need a mix of contemplative and energetic - a mix that will help me exhale the previous year before entering the Advent season.

I need a mix that blends well with almond lattes and paperbacks and patchwork skirts.

Here’s some of the tunes I have so far, but I would relish your additions (new stuff particularly welcome ~ I’m a bit behind the times these days…):

Belle & Sebastian – Get Me Away From Here
Po’ Girl – Cold Hungry Blues
Rachel Zylstra – Living in Fantasy (thanks, Gretchen!)
Norah Jones – The Long Way Home
Counting Crows - Omaha
India Arie – Nature
Sarah Masen - We Are a Beginning
REM – Don’t Go Back to Rockville
Uncle Tupelo – Still be Around
Innocence Mission - Every Hour Here


Janna Barber said...

Um, have you visited my blog lately? Eric Peters -- Chrome. Seriously.

Haley said...

I feel relaxed by Kenny Chesney/Dave Matthews' "I'm Alive." Very low-key and mellow - perfect for fall.