Monday, August 10, 2009

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A few weeks ago I made the following comment on a friend's facebook status (the status was regarding taxpayer response to potential government funded abortions, and my response was to one of the commenters):

Kayne said: "No, the death of civilians in war is not the same as killing an inncocent child. The citizens of the two countries that we are occupying KNOW who the terrorists are and have a responsibility (and plenty of opportunities) to stop them. Their blood is on THEIR hands to a very large degree."

And that statement has been haunting me since yesterday. I am pro-life, and to hear someone belittle the lives of individuals in Iraq and Afghanistan literally made me sick to my stomach. You do realize we have brothers and sisters in Christ over there, who are praying for US in the their churches? You do realize that not all Muslims are terrorists? You do realize we're talking about real people and real families and real communities? They are not hiding and protecting terrorists any more than the average citizens of our country are hiding and protecting the drug cartels.

Perhaps if we valued the lives that are already here, people would understand the potential of the unborn.
Today I read a news story on US oil execs buying smuggled oil from Mexican drug cartels.


Spoke too soon.

Duck and cover folks.

Duck and cover.

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