Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Subversion, thy name is cake!

Recently on the Living Small blog, a clarion call was sent out to battle the recession with cake:
Make a stand against the eroding life skills of a fat, rich, America. Bake a cake. Bake a cake from ingredients in your house, and serve it to someone you love. Let the revolution begin with cake!
Obviously, I'm not the only one who has been influenced by the life of Rich Mullins. I mean, I don't know this for a fact, but I could possibly suggest that Charlotte had at one time in her life been exposed to an article on The Pursuit of Happiness written by Rich for Release magazine (courtesy of the Kid Brothers website). Among other things, his advice includes:

1. Forget about finding happiness. Happiness is not worthy of your search.

2. Bake a cake - a really rich cake, preferably from scratch and especially if you are an inexperienced baker or a tested, tried, & notoriously awful cook. The value is in the baking more than in the cake.

3. Call up some enemy of yours and invite that enemy to eat the cake with you. If the cake is good you may lose an enemy and gain a friend. If the cake is bad, at least vengeance is sweet.

4. If you can't think of a single enemy, then call up a friend. Invite your friend over to eat the cake with you. If the cake is good the favor may be returned. If the cake is awful your friend may go buy one from a bakery for you. If you are without any enemies or friends, take your cake to an old folks' home. Eat it with them! If the cake is good you will no longer be without friends. If the cake is terrible you will no longer be without enemies. Finding a friend, making an enemy - now those are things worth pursuing. Happiness may come tagged on - but even if it doesn't, at least you will have done something and established some relationships.
So, there you have it folks. Viva la cake!


Greg said...

I love that. Thanks.

Ramón said...

It mortifies me to think who I might consider my enemy.