Monday, March 16, 2009

~ Newsbreak ~

I have three more posts planned for the Justice in the Burbs review, but I couldn't resist sharing this little tidbit for you.

I canceled my Ode Magazine subscription probably two years ago, but a couple weeks back I began receiving a new email series from them: ...and now for the good news.

I have really enjoyed the links, especially in the midst of all of the not-so-good news floating about these days. This morning, there was a link to an article on ARK clothing, which I found inspiring and encouraging, so I wanted to pass it along. Consider it my act of random kindness for the day.

ARK clothing may not be anything dazzling, but the concept shines. Buy a shirt, and remember to perform an act of random kindness everytime you wear it... or everytime you think about it... or everyday. Oh, and the company is determined to find ways to do even bigger acts of kindness.

What was this young entrepreneur's inspiration? According to the website's FAQ's section:
A few years ago (by few I mean a lot) there was a guy who took on this lifestyle. He lived to help people. Every day going around doing ARK’s for pretty much everyone possible. It was an amazing lifestyle and it inspired me to live like He did. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a bible basher or confined in some lawful religion, I simply think loving people like Jesus did is a pretty mint way to live.

So... I'm not telling you to go out and buy a new polo shirt. But I would challenge you to think about what kind of act of random kindess you can cook up today!

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