Monday, February 16, 2009

food, glorious food!

I only think I have original ideas.

Last week, I walked into our living room and declared to the household I had come up with a great idea. Assuming the freezers at church don't get any use, I shared my brilliant plan of inviting people to bring ingredients and spend the day cooking together and freezing meals for later use. We could pull these out as needed for hospitality, for giving to a family that is going through a hard time, or for assisting agencies that feed the hungry. Fellowship and service all rolled into one.

Brilliant, right?

Well, maybe... but certainly not original.

Catching up on my blog reading this holiday weekend, I discovered a similar suggestion on the Mustard Seed Associates site. If you haven't visited their site, or The Revolution Starts at Home, I highly recommend both blogs.

In related news, I got some mesclun seeds this weekend. I figure if I'm going to pursue a green thumb, I've gotta start somewhere!


Angela said...

hot sausage and mustard.

Ines said...

i would love to do this-i'm overwhelmed with cooking during my first trimester, but if i could just get it over with and freeze a few meals at a time, my heart would be at peace and not so rushed before i head to work...:-)

Angela said...


While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!