Thursday, December 04, 2008

~ a little past Little Rock ~

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
I'll be shouting hallelujah all the day
Oh we'll have a jubilee down in Memphis, Tennessee
And I'll shout hallelujah all the day

~ Night Train to Memphis

I'm headed out after work for The Great Emergence National Event, taking place just across the Mighty Mississippi. I think I'm looking more forward to the daily office prayer times, surrounded by beautiful Advent adornment, than the workshops and conference itself. Oh, and the drive... I always enjoy the drive to Memphis (and the obligatory rest stop in Forrest City). Phyllis Tickle is delightful, intelligent and humble... and wise enough with age to speak her mind freely. The Corolla is packed (though it could have used a little cleaning), gassed up and ready to hit the pavement... bring on 5 o'clock!


Jerusalem said...

See ya there friend!
We should roll into tonight around 7PM. I will hollar at you sometime after then to set up a meeting place for in the morning.
We have got to get Greg and Mark there - pray harder!

Capt. Flipout said...

green with envy

Kimberly said...

I'm picking Lora up around 5:30pm & then we'll head out, so we'll be settled sometime after 8pm (staying in Southhaven).

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you. Now I'm following your journey.