Thursday, December 11, 2008

~ fond of finding words ~

Love is a question mark
Life's in a shadow box
God hides himself sometimes
Inside a paradox
And there may not ever be
Anything new here to say
But I'm fond of finding words
That say it in a different way
Does everybody want it nicely
Lined up in little neat rows?
Does anybody know precisely
Just where the wild wind blows?
I can hand it to you brightly
Wrapped up in ribbons and bows
We could dance the same old dances
Learn all the same old ropes
Roll out the same safe songs
Tell all our tired jokes
We've got some walls to climb
We've got some gates to crash
We've got a fire to light
Burn down the pious trash

~ Daniel Amos, Ribbons and Bows
(post inspired by Burnside Writers Collective)

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