Thursday, November 20, 2008

~ flashback ~

Tonight we were watching an old VH1 "best songs of the 90's" show and, while much of the music reminded me of high school/college days, there were a few that bordered on late 80's and gave me flashbacks to junior high. While my sister instilled proper musical values in me during elementary school, including introduction to punk and new wave, my junior high days were pretty much devoted to hair bands, hip-hop and Madonna. The metal tended to accompany smoking in the parking deck at the mall, while the hip-hop provided rhythm for all-night skates at Eight-Wheels. Hmm. Those were different times, my friends, different times.

So, in thinking back on the days at The Rink, I couldn't help but think of the absolute best music to skate to (other than Brass Monkey, of course):

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