Tuesday, September 02, 2008

~ tidbits ~

In case you're not one of the almost 300 people who have already commented, you should be aware that Donald Miller (excuse me... Don) has a new blog. Funny stuff, I tell you, funny stuff.


I am phasing out of my co-editing gig over at Jesus Manifesto. As much as I love the website and gain so much insight from the conversations that take place there, I just have too much on my heart right now to really contribute. But speaking of the great conversations, you should really check out Mark Van Steenwyk's latest series:
The Style of Subversion: An Introduction
The Style of Subversion: Resisting Pseudo Alterity
The Style of Subversion: A Loving Resistance


May I introduce you to Margaret Feinberg? Ines and I had the priviledge of meeting and listening to her last fall, and I purchased her book, The Organic God. I had yet to read it, as my list of books-in-waiting is quite long, but on a whim responded to an email about a sale at her website last week, and ended up with the audio books to both The Organic God and The Sacred Echo, a physical copy of The Sacred Echo, a copy of God Whispers, and a few Bible studies. I actually started reading God Whispers a few weeks ago, and it was one of the prompts that actually freed my heart to start exploring church congregations again. This weekend, I listened to the audio version of The Organic God to and from the lake. Margaret is a gifted writer and teacher. She speaks with humility and sincerity, and a good bit of humor, as well. All three books I purchased rotate around the theme of communing with and listening to God.


Who doesn't like movies? Most likely not the people who bother to read this blog. So, if you're interested in a really great blog about picture shows, might I recommend Three Hands in the Popcorn Bag? Three fabulously intriguing perspectives from three fabulously intriguing guys. And, I promise, its not all about horror flicks - take a look around.


Mark Van Steenwyk said...

Thanks for all of your work on JM. I'm going to issue an announcement on the site, but will wait a couple weeks. Peace, sister.

the hamster said...

i feel a bit chagrinned. you gave us this wonderful review - but yesterday i posted on SAW. and i have a few more posts about SAW. yes, the challenge has been to give credence to other forms of film.

this past weekend i did buy HEATHERS on vhs. love me some christian slater! there's tons of stuff from the '80s and early '90s i still need to get my hands on. your post here has challenged me to do so: leave the horror behind - get hip with my junior high hipsters.


Kimberly said...

Mark -
No rush... it's a bittersweet departure. JM is such a great site and a necessary voice for the Body of Christ.

Kevin -
Did I sound too harsh against horror flicks? I didn't intend to bash the tireless horror genre research and reflection, but rather to simply point out that there is more represented on the site. For the record, The Prophecy and The Stand are two of my all-time favorite movies, and I think they technically fall into the horror category.

RE: Heathers... LOVE IT! Unfortunately, I mentioned my love for it to my roommates while we were watching one of those "I Love..." shows on VH1, and the fact that I had the poster hanging on my wall in junior high school (which my mom found a bit creepy), and then it came up again when I purchased some BQ Corn Nuts, and apparently all my rambling inspired one roommate who hadn't seen the flick to purchase a copy while she was at Target. Yeah, I don't think the rest of the house appreciated it as much as I do.

the hamster said...

confession: i've never seen HEATHERS. i've got a big christian slater shaped hole carved into this coming weekend.

no, no: i did not feel that you were harsh on the horror genre. not at all. i just know that we who appreciate the cheesy goodness of these films are few and far between. the three of us at Hockey Mask, Inc have all admitted that our readership would triple (up to 9 total readers) or quadruple (up to 12 total readers) if we discussed something other than scary flicks. there are all kinds of intentions milling about between us, but, generally, we just give the finger to the academy and keep on with what feels natural and interesting to us.

sheesh - that was way longer than it needed to be.