Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life & Leisure in Little Rock

So, I admit.

I've been quite a bit out of the loop lately.

I think I know more about what's going on across the country and around the world than I do about what's going down in my own backyard. At the very least, I've been so consumed with trying to figure things out within the confines of my mind that I've failed to venture out of it.

I love Little Rock.

I do.

As much as I enjoy visiting other cities, there is something about the sense of place I feel in my hometown that cannot be replaced. I know this has a lot to do with the anxiety series I started writing (which is still hanging out there awaiting the solidifying of "Phase 2"). Just as should eat local, slow and whole, so shall we live. As Ines is always reminding me, I should be all here.

So I've been looking around, and there's some great stuff going on.

Someone asked me last week if I had eaten at Za-Za's yet, and seemed shocked when I said that I was not even familiar with the restaurant. Today, my boss asked me to get a copy of their menu. All I have to say is, "Yum - I'm sooo in!".

In searching for info on Za-Za's, I stumbled upon the Whole Life website (apparently still in production, but with great potential), a great article on bike riding in some North Little Rock webzine, some fabulous photos of the Rock on Flickr, and even a fun little local shopping blog (why, yes, I am a girl!).

Good times, they are a-comin'...

Beautiful changes I feel sometimes,
in the middle of the late morning dishes
when You say I might do anything at all.
Walking around.
You know I've had enough of this trouble
following me high and low.
Now it can go.
~ Innocence Mission


Angelika said...

So, have you taken a sight seeing tour through Little Rock yet? ;)

Kimberly said...

You know, I think I forgot about that the second I stepped off the plane! But the fall festivals will be approaching soon...

drc said...

Don't forget about 2nd Friday Art Night!