Monday, August 11, 2008

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So, I considered ordering take-out tonight from one of my favorite restaurants (which shall remain nameless for the sake of this post). Seeing as I’ve been pretty weak the last week or two, and I’ve done really well today, I thought to check the website for nutritional information before choosing what to order. Remember, I get 26 daily points, and today I have a whole 17.5 points left for dinner (I’ve eaten a lot of “real” food so far today…).

Option 1:
A seasonal favorite off of the “just enough” menu, Honey Dijon Salmon w/ Fresh Asparagus (with sautéed spinach & mashed potatoes) = 24 points.

24 points?! Back up! Must be the “drizzled with dijon cream sauce” kicker.

977 calories + 69g fat + 6g fiber = not tonight, sucker!

Option 2:
Ok, how about my beloved Chicken Tostada Salad? Doesn’t seem as healthy as salmon, spinach and asparagus, but then there is no “cream sauce” either.

1046 calories + 57g fat + 15g fiber = 25 points = this is not looking good…

Option 3:
Just for curiosity sake, let’s check out the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.

999 calories + 57g fat + only 3g fiber = 24 points… who would have thought a BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger would equal Option 1? And with less sodium!

Option 4:
Well, if we’re going to go there, let’s go ahead and see what the “comfort” Chicken Pot Pie has to offer.

Are you ready for this one?

1403 calories + 87g fat + 11g fiber = 35 points. 35 points. 35 POINTS! That’s my entire “splurge” points allowance for the week. That’s more than an entire days worth of points… and the sodium count is through the roof!

We’re not even counting points from bread, sweet tea, and what not.

For comparison, I could have a Pizza Hut personal pan pepperoni pizza for only 15 points…

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Anonymous said...


1400 is my average calorie in take for a day!

Restaurants always put more salt and oil than is needed. :(