Friday, August 22, 2008

~ fine ~

I've had some delightful conversations over the past week. Ok... not so much delightful, but healing. Listening is such a valuable gift, one that I hope to cultivate more in my own life. It has been so refreshing to speak, to be heard, and I am thankful to friends who offer the gift of authentic listening. I'm practically tired of hearing myself speak (for now), and I am ready to just rest and listen to other people's stories.

Speaking of other people's stories, I ran across the anabaptist anglican blog and I just can't stop reading! Eavesdropping on his sabbatical ruminations just makes my soul look more and more forward to my own personal retreat planned this fall!

Alice the world
Is full of ugly things
That you can't change
Pretend its not that way
Thats my idea of faith
You can blow it off
And say theres good
In nearly everyone
Just give them all a chance
~ Ben Folds


Ines said...

friend- I HAVE MISSED YOU! I need to see you soon! guess what? speaking of listening....I shared with some ladies in Nicaragua about our Silent Prayer Retreat-- they were hanging on the edge of their seats and wanted to know every single detail. We have an official invitation to come do one in Nica. next year. What do you think??!! *hehe*

the hamster said...

i like this post. mainly because, yes, a true listener is rare and treasured.

how weird is it that people get paid on the radio and tv to ramble - even henry rollins gets paid just to walk on a stage and talk about whatever is on his mind - and there are so many people WHO ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY that feel so unheard? odd. i mean, real bad odd.