Friday, March 14, 2008

~ when all words fail she speaks ~

Sunday evening our LifeGroup morphed into a chick night. When I arrived at Ines and Rob’s home, I was the only guest. By 6:30ish, three other ladies had arrived and Rob subtly retreated to the office. Five chicas armed with coffee, salsa, the Word of God and random conversation. It was nice. I left some time after midnight. (This is not to say that everyone’s presence isn’t desired & requested at the next LifeGroup gathering!) Through the process of the evening I began jotting down whenever something in the conversation triggered a song in my mind. I left there inspired to put together a mix-tape version of our tangential communion. Generally, I design a mix based on a theme and concern myself with how each song flows into the next. In this case, I just laid out the songs in the order in which they came up in conversation (subsequently adding the Sara Groves song to set the tone for the collection). I was quite surprised when I slipped it in my CD player this morning on the drive to work, and found, as diverse as they were, the songs actually melded together quite well:

1. Sara Groves ~ every minute
2. Rhonda Vincent ~ you don’t love god if you don’t love your neighbor
3. Depeche Mode ~ enjoy the silence
4. Madison Greene ~ understatement
5. Waterdeep ~ psalm 131
6. Ani Difranco ~ blood in the boardroom
7. Margaret Becker ~ who am i
8. Don Chaffer ~ the worst is my being alone
9. Kate Miner ~ dream before you


John Pattison said...

What an interesting idea. It was good to see Waterdeep and Don Chaffer on the list. I haven't heard enough about them or by them since I moved away from the midwest.


Ines said...

A CD mix of our Lifegroup nite??!! I had no idea that's why you did it-- that's the coolest. And yes, you do NOT love GOd, if you Do NOT love your neighbor....

Amber said...

Really, Ani Difranco and Sarah Groves on the same list? You're my kind of people.