Monday, March 31, 2008

Being an April baby, I am quite honored to share the month with a celebration of poetry. The Burnside Blog will be joining in the festivities by posting a poem-a-day. Poetry is not my forte. I am much more a prose girl than anything else. However, just as NaNoWriMo stretched my fiction skills, I thought that refocusing my writing this month might develop a poetic proficiency. I would like to complete another installment in the abandoned places series, and I will be away from the computer for several weekends this month, but I am still issuing myself a challenge to write some poetry, post some old stuff (I've unearthed a mysterious collection of poems from high school and early college), or highlight poets I love. I invite you to join me (even if it is a month of haikus).

Apparently, this month is full of celebrations, and I feel at least a bit compelled to celebrate many of them:

Alcohol Awareness Month - I am the daughter of an alcoholic, I use to work with families in addiction... and I really like beer

Card and Letter Writing Month - I always have the best of intentions in this area...

Celebrate Diversity Month - I like people who aren't like me (I like people who are like me, also, for the record...)

Emotional Overeating Awareness Month - My emotional appetite really likes ice cream... and pizza... and venti cinnamon dolce lattes... mmm... (I think I need a walk!)

Financial Literacy Month - I heart Dave Ramsey... and my snowball is growing, slowly but surely... I also like Suze Orman 'cause she's sassy!

Global Child Nutrition Month - Most kids in the world don't have to worry about emotional overeating awareness month... they're more concerned with where the next meal will come from... I think I will celebrate these two celebrations hand in hand

Humor Month - So this priest walks into a bar, and he said "man, that hurt!"

Stress Awareness Month - Believe me, I'm aware...


jeanetta said...

so classic!
let's hear it for mint juleps and "bo ho hairdoos"

Amber said...

Yay for the poetry idea!