Wednesday, November 14, 2007

~ there was a long whistle ~

Apparently, I received a promotion today. I hear board members are generally well compensated, but they also have to take the fall for the organization's mishaps... not sure how I feel about such immense responsibility. Additionally, I'm not sure how well I can serve alongside people of such priviledge. I have already confessed my jealousy to both MOL Jr and El MOL, but I still harbor bitterness in my heart. All of this talk of the Old 97's conjured up memories of past shows, which conjured up the realization that I had completely abandoned my promised series of posts on my favorite concert experiences, which brought to light my faltering wordcount, which could only be remedied by further procrastination in the form of blogging.

I had the opportunity to see the Old 97's twice in Little Rock, both times at Juanita's and both times during my CD Warehouse days (1999-2001... ish...). I think the first time must have been before I moved in with Gretchen, and I met up with some of the people from the store. The second show was with Gretchen and two of our guy friends who just didn't get into the music (somehow I tend to manage to make friends with people who don't understand my "thing" with music, rather than those random souls I encounter at various shows... and those friends who do get it move away and leave me to fend for myself). That is, the guys didn't get into the music... as a roommate and a friend, Gretchen fully supported (supports) my music addiction... and I, of course, was sitting up on my knees, giddy as a kid on Christmas day. I had this fabulous blue and silver sticker on my old car, and tried desperately to transfer it to the Corolla, but it crumbled in the removal process.

In July of 2004, the band was celebrating 10 years and Angelika and I packed up the Corolla and headed west to be there. Many of the details of that weekend have been recorded elsewhere here on the blog, such as the classy motel amidst porn shops, strip clubs and liquor stores, or the inclusion of a viewing of Before Sunset (ironically almost on the same timeline, as Jesse and Celine were reuniting after 9 years). The show was at the Gypsy in Deep Ellum. My name was on the will-call list, and I gave the guy my lame "Roth... as in David Lee Roth" line... he laughed and let us in without even looking at his list, and I made a mental note to try to be lame more often. I also remember asking the merchandise guy if he might possibly have one of those glittery blue and silver stickers stashed away somewhere in the recesses of his inventory, but I apparently did not amuse him in the least... he just looked at me and said, "all we have is what's on the table." I even batted my eyes for the guy... sheesh! The band was fabulous, we were sweaty and hoarse, and a great evening was had by all. We even made friends who were kind enough to take these pictures and email them to us. See, I can make friends at shows... I just can't keep 'em!

So now my DFW blogging friends are going to recording sessions and benefit concerts and talking theology and probably swapping baby stories with Rhett and Murray. Damn you MOLs... damn you and your superior ways...


Ronnie said...

promotion well deserved. by the way i was at that show.

Jess said...

I'm pretty sure I was at that show too. Heh. Congrats on making it to the Board...apparently MOL Junior is punishing me for my blogging dry spell!

Good luck on your NaNo as well. I may go home and try a combination of writing and drinking wine.