Monday, November 05, 2007

~ I'm not your superwoman ~

9:45pm, Day 5

Word Count: 14,202

Lbs. Lost Since Beginning Weight Watchers (again): 6.2

Jewelry Produced: one necklace & one bracelet from some of the turquoise and coral Marty brought back from Tibet, plus one chunky choker I abandoned out of frustration with the clasp months ago... we have made our amends.

Next Monday is a holiday, and the Bazaar will be behind me. I plan to be a writing fool. Between now and then, I am placing no pressure on myself to write... unless a conversation or situation is just screaming at me to be put down on paper!


Ines said...

congrats on your weightloss! that jewelry is awesome! perfect colors for the fall and Christmas. You rock!

jeanetta said...

oooo pretty. love you pirate look you got going there.

Kimberly said...

LOL... yes, I'm a pirate ballerina-wanna-be!