Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I learned it by watching you...

After reading this article on the California wildfires, I couldn't resist reminiscing about all of the sage advice I was brainwashed with as a child.

Beginning, obviously, with Smokey:

Moving on to Nancy:

And not forgetting McGruff:

or Woodsy (give a hoot, don't pollute):

Then, there are the ever entertaining:

GI Joe: Knowing is half the battle!

Jem: Doing the right thing makes you a superstar!

...and that's one to grow on!

It seems practically every show had a PSA associated with it. That's whats wrong with kids these days, not enough ethics squeezed in between their cereal commercials!

1 comment:

jeanetta said...

awesome. i love jem!
and i would like to point ou that power rangers operation overdrive has some really good psa'a that they play. so soem of them are still trying.