Sunday, September 09, 2007

small world...

I had lunch with one of my nieces, after taking her and some other girls I know to an all-day music festival yesterday (one word: Superchic[k]). Though only 8 years old, she soaks up information like a sponge and relates it as if first hand knowledge. Over burritos at Moe’s, she was explaining to me that my sister’s job (she is the office manager for a moving company) is really slow, “you know, because no one is really buying houses right now, so no one is moving. And so there’s just not a lot to do.”

I nodded my head in a gesture of sincere understanding as my niece continued. “I told my mom that I would ask my art teacher if we could make signs, you know, that explain everything they can do, like with the name and everything on it. Then I could bring them home and say like, make 53 copies.”

“Why 53?” I asked, amused by the randomness of the number.

“So I can put them on every post in the world,” explained her little pea-picking heart.
She was disappointed that Superchic[k] didn't sing "the song you get to jump to," though there was plenty of jumping goin' on. We could not, of course, remember which song that was last night or this morning. I, of course, could not resist coming home and figuring it out. (I appreciate this band so much, not only because they're fun, but because of how they are purposed to encourage young girls to be strong and smart and beautiful and unique and pure and steadfast. Don't be hating.)

You were meant to live large
Come on, take charge
Let's go light the world up
Let's not wait until the end
To be the things we wish we'd been
You were meant to live life
Come on, let's fly
You're a super trouper spotlight
We're gonna jump on the count of three
Here it comes now ONE - TWO - THREE jump

If you were a country you'd be Switzerland
You never take a stand
Your policy is never to offend
If you were a gambler you would always win
You'd only bet on the horses after they had already come in
And I'm sorry that I'm getting on your case
But true friends, they stab you in the face

You were meant to live large...

If you were in a movie, you'd be thug number 5
Cuz you don't try out for a starring role
But you name belongs in lights
If you got a GI Joe, you'd never open up the box
Waiting for the day it rots
And I'm sorry that I'm getting on your case
But true friends, they stab you in the face

You were meant to live large...

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