Sunday, September 02, 2007

House Concert: The Fans

So, yeah, it took me a week. Hey, a workin' girl has lots to do! (not as in Nanci Griffith, Looking For The Time, kinda working girl, mind you.) I thought we'd start with some snapshots of the lovely fans (you know, to draw them into the site) and then I'll follow up with posts on the artists.

The den was a popular gathering spot for some pre-concert chit-chat... was the kitchen, for those late-night munchies!

Jeff was a big fun of the munchies.

Miss Caroline (not to be confused with Miss Teen South Carolina... this girl knows her maps) graced us with her presence.

And, since it was mommy's birthday, she even let her parents tag along!

Little Miss Genevieve also managed to convince mom and pop to give her a lift (her wheels are in the shop), but quickly ditched the 'rents to hang out with the cool kids.

While we dearly love and miss Virginia and Otto, I hope they know how well-nurtured their house is during their absence. Thank you kindly.

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