Wednesday, August 01, 2007

if your colors were like my dream…

I'm a walking dichotomy between the desire to nest and a draw toward the ascetic lifestyle. Sometimes this bothers me immensely. But then I reconsider. Mary and Martha kept a home, and welcomed friends and nomads into it for a time, offering hospitality, nourishment, rest and renewal. Their nesting served those living an ascetic life. If I could find the balance between the two household personalities, I feel I would be in good shape. These sisters were friendly, intelligent, bold, servant-hearted, willing to question and to listen. I look toward my friends who are scattering to the ends of the earth, and I know that is where God has their heart. My heart rests on this dream of an open home, whatever form that would take, and I have to believe there is good reason for that, if for none other than to have a place of welcome for those same friends. Usually, my eyes are drawn to bright colors in decorating - spring green, lavender, turquoise and cherry. However, there is a particular color scheme that always signifies warmth and love and comfort to me, and that is the saturation of red, gold and green. The colors draw me into a scene, and perhaps they would have the same effect on people entering a home.

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